So You've had a S**T Year

"2016 was the worst year ever!"

I have literally heard this about 4 billion times this month alone. To be honest, as I always am, I'm kind of really super tired of it. I mean, was 2016 really the worst? Worse than 1665? Ya know, when everyone caught the plague and DIED.

At times 2016 may have been trying, heartbreaking, and down right unbearable. I get it. Trust me. After a year filled with divorce, car troubles, unforeseen responsibilities, an unknown illness, etc. etc. etc., I really do get it.

But was it the year that was difficult or was it... you?

That may be a hard truth to swallow, but think about your reaction to your circumstances of the last year. When life gave you big fat lemons did you squirt them in your own eyes or did you make an amazing copycat Chik-Fil-A Lemonade recipe?

Your life doesn't need to be a meme. Please stop making it a meme.

I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.
— Carl Gustav Jung

 Imagine what your year (or life) would be like if you just took responsibility for it. Stop being the victim in your own life story. Be the G.D. hero. Bad things happen to us, sure. (I once got a bikini wax from a girl I punched in the face in 4th grade. I wish I was joking.) Taking responsibility does not mean things wont happen to us, but it does mean that you are committing to living your life by design, not by mere default.

These stressful or intense times do have an impact on us. They can make us who we are, but only if we choose to learn something from it. My lesson from the mentioned experience was to be kind to everyone. Like, literally everyone. (You never know who will be putting hot wax near your lady parts one day. )

Remember - You are not your circumstances. In 2017, let's make some bomb lemonade!


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