The Truth About Self-Care

The Truth About Self-Care

Sometimes life hurts. Sometimes life wrecks me. Sometimes life sucker punches me right in the GD kisser and I want to just take off my pants and climb into bed for a a few hours or years. Self-care, right?

I recently came a across a quote and I was like... whoa. Uh-huh. Yep. 

Self care isn’t always pretty, it’s not always candles and a bathtub full of roses, sometimes it’s forcing yourself to get out of bed and dragging yourself, sometimes it’s the pep talk you give to yourself or the quick cry in the corner. Sometimes it is convincing yourself to do all these things you should be doing but you have no will whatsoever, sometimes it’s cutting some ties no matter how precious they were, sometimes it’s the bitter medicine you need to give yourself.
Self care isn’t always pretty but it’s so worth it.

I don't know who said or wrote that, but YES. YASSSS. 

When we get knocked down, we're told to just take a hot bath, get a massage, do some yoga, drink some water and breath. While none of those things are wrong (you know, breathing 'n stuff), that's not a doable reality for a lot of us. 

Self-care is super on-trend right now. Great! I love doing things that fill me up (mind, body, and soul), but self-care isn't always pretty around here... 

Sometimes it's a cup of tea, but mostly it's an impulsive Diet Coke while I do some last-minute grocery shopping in sweaty gym clothes. Sometimes it's a bubble bath and soft music, but mostly it's doing the dishes and sweeping the floors before settling down for the night. 

Self-care isn't always rainbows and butterflies, but it's always necessary. We can't always be "on." We can't always be done up and Instagram ready. (LOL at me... because I never am.)

Photo by  Karla Alexander  on  Unsplas h

Photo by Karla Alexander on Unsplash

Often-times loving yourself means doing the things your future self will thank you for. We get so caught up in the day-to-day that we forget to address the things we've been dreading. We put off the issue we have been too busy to confront. 

Self-care is just what it sounds like: doing the things that you should do for yourself to show you love yourself. Life is overwhelming and while it's OK (and usually pretty darn fantastic in the moment) to indulge in a night of Netflix and face masks, remember that the "not today" attitude will hurt your mental state even more over time. That's not to say that an occasional day when you do a whole lot of nothing at all isn't healthy, but remember that there should be a balance to everything. 

Stress, mental health issues, overwhelm... these things can only amplify if you aren't taking care of yourself. Because more often than not, the difficult, not-so-fun parts of taking care of yourself are the most important. 

Think of it this way: when you find your shoes untied you have to bend down to tie them, or you might get tripped up. You can put it off for awhile, you might not even notice it at times, but eventually, things will get tricky. If you put off your responsibilities for too long, it can be the opposite of self-care. 

Think about the things you are doing in your self-care routine and be mindful of if it's helping you or hurting you.


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