Get Yourself Unstuck: Moving Forward From Painful Experiences

Get Yourself Unstuck: Moving Forward From Painful Experiences

My home is my safe place. My sanctuary.

Someone made me feel unsafe in my safe place. Know that I wasn’t necessarily in danger, but spiritually, I was wrecked.

I trusted. I gave someone pieces of me without first knowing if they wanted them. That person was not capable of caring for the most fragile parts of me that I had so willingly handed over. I gave him all the tools to destroy me and he gave me a beautifully wrapped package of shit.

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But I am not what happened to me. Sure, it shaped me in some way, it is a part of my story, but it is not that narrative I am choosing to live by. I don’t want to live in fear.

I could choose to live my life in pain and fear. I could choose to be untrusting of people. I could choose to be bitter and untrusting of the world.  But… I’m not.

It’s not easy to do, moving forward and letting go of painful experiences. I have struggled with it. Like, reallllly struggled. I’ve fallen asleep on wet pillowcases and woken up with swollen eyes, I’ve talked it out, meditated, medicated, therapy-ed, screamed and yelled… I went through hell on my hands and knees and back again.  There’s the problem… I was in limbo and I was keeping myself there. Not moving forward, stuck between the past and my future.

Photo by  Cherry Laithang  on  Unsplash

That’s not anywhere I want to campout at.

It is so frustrating! I felt like the hurt and pain would never go away. It not only surrounded me, but it kept popping up in new places, too. Letting go is rough stuff, yo. Only recently did I realize that everything is energy.

Energy. Our thoughts, feelings, emotions – energy. It’s energy and energy has a vibration. What we send out ultimately comes back.

Wait! Don’t run off just yet. We’re going to get a little weird, hippie-dippie here because, well, I’m kind of a weird hippie-dippie anduhhhh.... QUANTUM PHYSICS.

Whatever we focus our attention on (hurt, sadness, pain, fear) only grows. Focusing on these things brings more of it into your life. If we focus on happiness, joy, abundance, love… we will experience more of that good ish.

Someone else caused me pain, but I was the reason that pain would not leave me. The energy I was putting out was vibrating right back to me.

What kind of vibrations are you sending out?

 “I’ll never find a decent guy.”

“This experience hurt me beyond repair.”

“I’m too broken to move forward.”

"I can't get this out of my mind."

You are in control of the energy that comes back to you. It’s more than just positive thinking, although I do encourage the practice.

If you are finding yourself getting into the same shitty situations or feeling the same doubts, try shifting your negative energy to that of forgiveness, compassion, trust and listening to your own intuition.

Go ahead - take responsibility for everything that manifests in your life. You might surprise yourself.

Keeping it real, 


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