Adventure 101

Adventure 101

I crave adventure. I constantly feel this pull to be somewhere I am not. Am I crazy? Maybe, but I'm totes cool with this kind of madness. 

I am striving to live a "HELL YES" lifestyle, so when I was asked to pack a bag and trust the sense of adventure... I'll let you guess what my answer was. 

On a Saturday afternoon, we packed a few bags and journeyed south. We didn't have a plan but we had a tank full of gas, some killer playlists and we had an itch for adventure.

The first unexpected stop was in the small town of Scipio, Utah. "Hey, want to go to a petting zoo at a gas station in the middle of nowhere?" HELL YES. 

Meet "Wednesday"... the camel.

Meet "Wednesday"... the camel.

From there we toured a historic home and ate goat cheese & honey bread in St. George, Utah and decided to continue south because, well... HELL YES. 

We ventured farther south to Las Vegas, Nevada where we booked a hotel room for the wrong night, met a pack of traveling Elvis (what do you call a herd of Elvis? Elvi? Still up for debate...), practically inhaled gelato while dancing to Michael Jackson by the Bellagio fountains, and made friends with the sweetest special needs kid and his family in an elevator. We may or may not have accidentally showed him how fun it is to push all the buttons in an elevator a-la-Elf...


Sunday morning our adventurous spirits took us from Vegas to the Golden State. When we hit Baker, California we agreed it was time to get serious... L.A., the beach, or Disneyland?

A couple of Disnerds in California? DUH. 

We rolled in to Anaheim at 2p.m., found a hotel room and took off to the happiest place on earth. We had 10 hours, it was 95 degrees, and it was Labor Day weekend, but being the hard core Disneyland veterans we are, we knocked out all running attractions before the midnight closing. HELL YES


And that's the end of our adventure.

HA! Nope.

The next morning we headed back to Salt Lake City, but not without one last stop in Vegas where I was IDed because I look about 12-years-old. Obviously I'm still super offended by Oscar at the roulette table in the Excalibur casino... 

The Titanic exhibit is fuh-reaking rad, you guys. Check 'er out - and bring a jacket. 


My point of writing this isn't to brag about my life. It isn't to give you an obnoxious play-by-play of what I do on a free weekend. 

You may not have an adventurous bone in your body (yet), but I challenge you to try out this whole HELL YES lifestyle and just roll with the crazy life as opportunities present themselves. 

This spur of the moment trip could have burned in flames, but it didn't. Between the hiccup with the hotel, a long drive, and limited time, maybe to some it was a complete disaster. To me it was an opportunity to do something different, to take a risk, and live my best life.

I don't have a perfect life and I don't think I want a perfect life, I want to live a FULL life.

I encourage you to strive for the same. 


Keeping it Real, 



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