Dear 2017

Dear 2017

 Dear 2017,

You broke my heart, but you didn't break me. You made me question everything, but you didn't let me down. You were a series of mistakes, trials, uphill battles, small victories, serendipitous moments, hiccups, lessons, laughs, and adventures that ultimately led me... to me. 

Thank you for teaching me that the people who bring me the most pain do not need to move forward with me, physically or emotionally, into the next year, day, hour, moment, or breath. Those people would love for me to be permanently stuck in the pit of that great hurt, but I now know I have to power to rewrite my story. 

Thank you for teaching me that I am my most fabulous company. From this, I learned that I am OK. I am OK sad, I am OK happy, I am OK depressed, I am OK excited. It's also OK to not be OK. 

Thank you for teaching me that no matter how hard I love or care, people won't always return that effort, but to keep loving anyway. To not let the world harden me and close myself off. I am better soft, and I am better cracked wide open. 

Thank you for teaching me to make more detours. The path to happiness is not linear, and some of the most magnificent views come after the most rugged detour. 

Thank you for proving to me time and time again that I am the creator of my future. That I am capable of manifesting anything I desire. 

Thank you for teaching me that being vulnerable is a virtue. That telling someone I love them is scary, but the right time to do it will always be right when I feel it. Some might reject me, but my tribe will love me back, and some will even love me bigger than I could ever imagine. That kind of love is magical and the world needs more of both: love and magic. 

Thank you for teaching me how big and beautiful my dreams can be when someone believes in me. Double thanks for showing me how much better it is when that someone is me. 

Thank you for allowing me to destroy myself so that I could understand myself. 

Thank you, 2017, for being exactly what you were and for being exactly what I needed.

Thank you. 

With love and gratitude, 


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