Don't Sweat It: Overcoming Gymtimidation

Don't Sweat It: Overcoming Gymtimidation

Have you ever walked into the gym feeling ready to kick some trash and get a good endorphin boost only to walk out 17 minutes later feeling defeated and, well, kind of silly? Yeah, me neither... (insert sarcasm here).

The gym can be so intimidating, especially if you are unsure of where to start or how to do specific exercises. One of the number one reasons people tell me they don't like going to the gym is because they are afraid of doing something wrong and people seeing them do it.

I get it. I 100% understand this. 

When I purchased my first gym pass, about 12 years ago, I would go and walk on the treadmill for, like, 15 minutes "warming up" A.K.A. mustering up the courage to touch one of those "weighty machine-y thingies." Then I would crank out some of those things on that one machine that looks like an awkward spread eagle (now  I know it is called the abduction machine)... do some bicep curls... look around... panic... grab my water bottle and BOUNCE.  

The intimidation that comes with being a "newbie" at the gym is real, but it doesn't have to be so scary! I want to make the gym a place where you can go to clear your mind, feel safe, and move your body so here are a few tips to try so you will not feel so intimidated at the gym. 

1. Have a plan.
Try to plan out your workout before you get to the gym. Having a plan is more than just noting, "I'm going to work on legs today." Bring a list or put a note in your phone of each exercise you are going to perform. I even look up videos of how to do specific exercises ahead of time if I'm not sure how to perform it. Being prepared takes out the guesswork and potential for wandering around the gym feeling lost. 

2. Bring a buddy.
Nothing like having someone to laugh WITH you if you feel silly. Having a buddy also helps take your mind off wondering if people are watching you, which brings me to my next tip.

3. Remember that everyone else is so focused on their workout, they aren't even worried about what you're doing. Once you get past this worry, a whole new world of workouts will be available to you. 

4. Hire a trainer or try a group fitness class to get started. This can take out a lot of guesswork. A certified personal trainer will be worth every penny if the sessions help you build confidence in the gym. Choose a trainer you are comfortable with and makes you feel like the badass babe you are. If you are trying a group fitness class, pick something that is fun and/or challenging. 

5. Wear comfortable workout clothes that fit. That little crop top is cute AF, but are you your most confident self in it? Are you so worried about how you look, you're always tugging at your clothes or checking the mirrors to see if anyone is looking? Maybe try wearing something a little more comfortable. BUT if you feel fly as hell in that top - pease, GO FOR IT. 

Gymtimidation is a real thing, there's no denying it. My tips for you will be helpful when put into practice, but my biggest advice is to always be kind to yourself. Getting out of bed and to the gym is the hardest part. You have to start somewhere.

Know that I am so proud of you for starting and for trying. 

Keeping it real,


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