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Why ONLINE Personal Training?

You and I probably have a lot in common. We are both busy gals just trying to be fit and healthy while keeping it all together. This is why online personal training is so great - you get to choose when you workout. No coordinating schedules or racing a cross town to get to the gym to meet your trainer. It’s like having me, your personal trainer, in your pocket at all times!


One-on-one in-person personal training sessions are fantastic for those who can afford that option or who need that level of accountability, but let’s be real here - it's not for everyone.

Access to an online personal trainer can help stretch your investment in yourself even further while spending less than a one-on-one session.


I am literally just a click away. You will have online communication with me as well as a weekly check-in to keep you on-track and progressing. No excuses here!


Online personal training offers you something extra important - tracking. You will have access to software to not only see exactly which workouts I plan for you, but to see your progress. By simply downloading an app you will be able to track your measurements, progress photos, and even your progress in time and weight lifted.

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